Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions. It has answers to most of the common questions people ask about Carcomm products.

Smartphone / PDA Cradles
iPhone / iPod Cradles Accessories

Smartphone / PDA Cradles (CMPC series)
  • Why doesn't my cradle charge my phone?

    - Make sure that your phone is seated properly in the cradle or that the cradle's charging cable is fully inserted into the phone. Never force the phone into the cradle or the connector into the phone.
    - Check the fuse in the cigarette lighter plug, you can do this by removing / screwing off the front part of the cigarette lighter plug, or check the fuse in the fuse-holder if you hard-wired the cradle into you vehicle.
    - If you hard-wired the cradle into the vehicle, check if the power connection is ok.
  • Why doesn't my phone fit in the cradle / the connector doesn't fit into phone?

    - Make sure that you have the correct cradle for your type of phone.
    - Check the connector to see if there is dirt in the connector and make sure that the connector isn't damaged.
  • Can I connect an external antenna to the cradle?

    - It's not possible to connect an external antenna directly to the cradle, there is however an accessory available that allows you to use an external antenna. This is called an antenna coupler (CPAA-03), it has no direct connection to the phone but works with induction.
    - A few older smartphone cradles (e.g. CMPC-32) have an integrated antenna coupler which made it possible to connect an external antenna.
  • If I have a new phone, is it possible to only buy new side-parts?

    - By opening the cradle, warranty will be void therefore this is not possible. Side-parts are also not sold separately.
  • Can I call hands free with a Carcomm cradle?

    - The CMPC series cradles are no hands free car kits, they are however often used together with bluetooth car kits.
Multi-Basys - Universal Vehicle Charging Platform (CMBS series)
  • Does the reception improve when I connect an external antenna?

    - This depends greatly on the external antenna that is used. The boost of the antenna determines the improvement in the signal, but also the strength of the signal in the area.
iPhone / iPod Cradles (CMIC series)
  • I connected my cradle to the car-stereo and now I'm hearing a high pitched noise in the background.

    - This is often caused by a Ground Loop, if possible please try to use another power-source or a different point to connect the power.
    - There are Ground Loop isolators available at your local car electronics shop, these are installed in-between the cradle and car-stereo audio lines, it decreases the background noise.
  • I have a new type of iPhone which doesn't fit in my old iPhone cradle, is it possible to only buy new side-parts?

    - Unfortunately this is not possible, often the side-parts is not the only thing that is changed when a cradle is released for a new type of iPhone. To ensure a perfect fit the side-parts are developed together with the connector part, using an old connector that is not meant to be used with new side-parts will most likely result in a damaged connector. Also opening the cradle will void the warranty.
  • My car-stereo only has an AUX-Input (one connection) and the CMIC iPod / iPhone cradle has a LINE-Output (two connections), can I still connect the cradle to the car-stereo?

    - Yes it is possible to connect the cradle's LINE-Out to the car-stereo's AUX-In, but you will need a converter cable from LINE-Out to AUX-In. These kind of cables are available at your local electronics shop.
Chipy Sim-card Manager
  • My Chipy software is not working on Windows 7

    - Please follow the steps below to get the Chipy software working
     1. Before you start up the software right-click on the icon.
     2. Click on properties.
     3. Click on compatibility tab.
     4. Select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
     5. Click on OK.
     6. Start-up the Chipy software.
  • The drivers for the Chipy™-Models are exclusively available for the 32-Bit-version.
  • In order to use the reader you require administration rights.
  • Please always use the most recent software version that can be found on under "Downloads".
  • All Chipy™ Chipcard reader can be used under Windows Vista/7 (32-Bit). Depending on the configuration of your system, the program needs to be opened and executed by right clicking on the icon (desktop or start menu) and selecting the option "execute as administrator" or "compatibility" -> "Windows XP".
  • In regards to Windows 7 (64-Bit): In the license of Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise there is an additional license for 32-Bit Windows XP System with Service Pack 3 included . This Windows XP is executed in a separate program window under Windows 7 (64-Bit) (Windows Virtual PC). This option - called Windows XP-Modus - was implemented by Microsoft, in order to be able to use 32-Bit Software under Windows 7 (64-Bit). Via the installation path under Windows 7 there is a help option that gives detailed information. Please then proceed with installing the Chipy™ Chipcard reader and the CardManager in this XP-Modus.