The CarComm DASH2|System is the solution to charge and mount your smartphone in your vehicle, consisting out of a DASH2|Dock and a device specific DASH2|Cradle.
The system is easy to install and blends in perfectly with your car’s interior.
Swap smartphones
The unique feature of the DASH2|System is that you can easily switch your smartphone for another model without installing a completely new cradle system. You only need a DASH2|Cradle that is compatible with your new smartphone, insert the cradle in the DASH2|Dock and the system is ready to go.

Cars and Trucks
The DASH2|System can be connected to a 12Volt or 24Volt power input, which makes it compatible with cars, vans & trucks.

It will keep your device charged and ready for use in- and outside your vehicle.
External Antenna Connection
The DASH2|System has an external antenna connection for a cellular antenna to optimize signal reception and decrease signal interference.

DASH2|Dock - Dockingstation
The DASH2|Dock is an universal docking station for the device specific DASH2|Cradle.
Consumers and Professionals
There are various models of DASH2|Docks available with different power- and external antenna connections, tailored to the consumer, professional and automotive market. OEM requests are welcome.

PoGo System Connector
The DASH2|Dock uses a gold plated PoGo connector.
This connector is a robust and reliable way to ensure an optimal connection between the DASH2|Dock and DASH2|Cradle.

Locking Mechanism
To keep the device specific DASH2|Cradle in place, the DASH2|Dock is equipped with custom fixtures. These fixtures lock the cradle in place so it can charge your smartphone but is still easy to remove.

The DASH2|Dock can be installed on the dashboard or any other flat surface. With the included rotating swivel, you can easily position your smartphone in your preferred viewing angle.
DASH2|Cradle - Device Specific Cradle
The DASH2|Cradle is a device specific smartphone cradle, that charges your smartphone and securely holds it in place while you are on the move.
Integrated Charging System
The automotive grade charger is integrated inside the DASH2|Cradle and can deliver up to 3A to charge your smartphone.

Device Specific Cradle
The smartphone is inserted vertically into device specific DASH2|Cradle. To ensure a secure connection between the DASH2|Cradle and the DASH2|Dock, the cradle is inserted horizontally into the dock. This way you’ll never accidentally remove the DASH2|Cradle from the dock when your remove your smartphone.

Integrated Antenna Coupler
The cradle has an integrated Antenna Coupler that transfers the cellular signal from outside the vehicle to your smartphone to optimize reception.
For an overview of all available DASH2| Docks & DASH2|Cradles, please follow this link.