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Ball Mounts
Universal Ball Mount Parts
Ball Size Part
27mm Ball 38mm Ball

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Double Ball Mounts
The Duty Double Ball Mount is the universal mounting solution for mounting your mobile computer, handheld device, smartphone or tablet cradle in your car, van, forklift or truck.
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Forklift Mounts
Mounint Solutions to mount your cradle on a forklift.
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Goosneck Mount
Universal heavy duty mounting solution, to mount your cradle or holder on the car seat rail, vehicle floor or side of the dashboard.
200mm 300mm 400mm

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Suction Mount
The universal mounting solution to mount your Mobile Computer-, Handheld Device-, Smartphone-, Tablet- vehicle cradle or action camera in your car, van, lorry, forklift or truck.
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Taxi Mounts
Mounting solutions for Taxi-meters & on-board computers.
Brand Model
Cabman Taxitronic

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Wall Mount
The solution to mount a 4-Slot Desktop Cradle or 5-Slot Desktop Cradle against a wall.
Wall Mount


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