About Carcomm

Quality, Safety and Comfort in Mobile Car Communication Solutions are the three main goals of Carcomm International BV.

Our Company has his head quarters in Budel, The Netherlands and was founded in 1999. However the official start of our company was in 1991, when DTM-Products BV was founded.
We started in march 1991, as a distributor of car alarm systems and antennas in the Netherlands. After 5 years of distributing products we started with the research, development and production of our own products under our brand name Carcomm. Which resulted in the founding of Carcomm BV in 1999. Nowadays Carcomm BV is active in 43 countries worldwide. Today our sister company DTM-Products BV is still active as the official distributor of Carcomm products in the Netherlands.

Carcomm produces a wide range of quality products, to install your mobile phone, smartphone, iPhone, PDA, PND, PNA or an iPod in your vehicle. Such as Mobile PDA Cradles, Handsfree Carkits, iPod / iPhone Carkits, Dashmounts, Safety-Mounts, Navigation Mounts, Navigation Cradles, Mute-boxes, Gooseneck Microphones, Speakers, GSM Antennas, GPS Antennas and GPS Receivers.

Carcomm is one of the few company's in the world who develops and produces this complete range of quality products in-house, therefore it's a one-stop-shop for all your mobile installation accessories.

1991 - Company Founded
1995 - Started producing and developing own products
1995 - Connectors & Low Loss Cable
1998 - GSM Antennae
1999 - Gooseneck Microphones
1999 - Mute-Boxes
1999 - Safety-Mounts
2001 - GPS Antennae & GPS Receivers
2002 - Mobile PDA & Smartphone Cradles
2003 - Handsfree DSP Carkits for PDA’s & Smartphones
2005 - Dashmounts
2005 - Founded CarComm Automotive 
2006 - Mobile iPod Cradles
2006 - Navigation Cradles
2007 - Rugged Cradles
2008 - New design Cradles
2009 - Introduction Passive Cradles
2009 - Opening German branch office
2010 - Introduction Multi-Basys
2011 - Opened new Head Quarters
2012 - Compact Cradles

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