The CarComm Multi-Basys is a Universal Vehicle Charging Platform for Smartphones, PDAs, Rugged EDAs and Sat Nav systems.

The Multi-Basys System
The Multi-Basys system exists out of two parts, the docking station and the model specific charging cradle.

The compact size of this system allows it to blend in with the car interior and makes it easy to find the perfect position to install it.

The unique feature of the CarComm Multi-Basys is that if you are going to use another mobile device, you only need to swap the device specific charging cradle for one that is compatible with your new device. Simply slide-out the cradle that you are currently using and slide-in the new cradle.

The ability to easily swap the Multi-Basys Cradle is also an effective theft deterrent.
When you leave the car, simply slide out the cradle and place it out of sight. Only the small Docking Station, which is less likely to attract unwanted attention to your vehicle, is left in sight.

Compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt
Integrated in the device holder is a 12Volt and 24Volt charging system. The charging system charges your mobile device so it is ready for use in- and outside your car.
Multi-Basys Cradle - Device Specific Holder
The Multi-Basys Cradle simply slides in the Multi-Basys Docking Station and clicks into place.

The CarComm Multi-Basys's unique and patented design guarantees a perfect fit and ensures that your mobile phone is securely kept in place.

Antenna Coupler
Integrated in the cradle is an Antenna Coupler that is located in the top or lower part of the cradle, depending on the smartphone with which the cradle is compatible.
If an external Quad-Band antenna is connected to the coupler it will bring the cellular signal closer to the smartphone, perfect if you are having problems with reception inside your vehicle.

The cradles are available for mobile phones and PDAs from brands like Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Palm, Apple iPhone and other renowned brands. There are more then 180 cradle models available and the range is updated weekly with new models.

Multi-Basys Docking Station
The Multi-Basys Docking Station is an universal vehicle base in which the Multi-Basys Cradle can be placed.

The docking station has a power, external cellular antenna and in some cases an external GPS antenna connection.

For a clean installation the cradles can be routed back- or downwards. The antenna connection can be used to connect an external Quad-Band antenna*.

The docking station can placed on the dashboard or on vehicle specific mounting solutions.

For an overview of all Multi-Basys Cradles please follow this link.

* An external antenna only works when the Multi-Basys Cradle has an antenna coupler.