We have years of experience producing customer specific solutions for well known companies like for example KPN ( Dutch telecom provider ), Vodafone, Telecom New Zealand, i-mate, ADT ( Worldwide security company ), Siemens, Pioneer, Symbol, Motorola and Microsoft. We develop and produce Mobile PDA Cradles, Hands Free Carkits, Modem Carkits, Microphones, GPS Receivers and many other products to customer specifications. We develop all products in-house which allows us to be very competitive and flexible.

Product development
Our design and engineering team are experts in the area of high quality mounting solution development.

When a customer wants a custom developed mount for their product we ask them to supply a sample of the product.

The ideal sample would be a working product but at the start of the development process a housing sample or prototype would also be sufficient. At a later stage a working product is needed for the development of the charging or other electronics. Our engineers will make a 3D drawing of mount for the customer's approval. If the design is approved a prototype will be produced. 

Rapid prototyping
Our design and development facilities are equipped with different kind of prototyping machines including 3D printers and scanners. The 3D printers are fast, versatile machines allowing our engineers to produce concept models and functional test parts quickly and inexpensively.
This allows the customer to get a look and feel of the product and if necessary, design changes can be made. If the prototype is approved it is send to the tooling and manufacturing department. 

The tooling department will manufacture the necessary tools and moulding to produce the customers custom cradle. Our engineers have years of experience in making the tools and mouldings. Once the tools and mouldings are finished they are send to the manufacturing department.
Manufacturing and packaging
When the design and 3D prototype is approved the manufacturing process is started. The tooling is made and the different parts are produced. These parts will then be assembled and the mount will be tested both mechanically and electronically before they are packaged and send to the customer.
Examples of customer specific products

Rugged PDA Cradle
- Unitech PA550
- Pidion BIP-1300
- Pidion BIP-5000
- Pidion BIP-6000
- Pidion BM-150R
- Pidion BM-170
Smartphone Cradle
- Sonim XP3300 Force
- Sonim XP1300 Core
Navigation Cradle
- Pioneer AVIC-S1
Hands Free Carkit
- Telecom N-Z HTC Apache
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