Available Now! DASH2|System Mobile Device Charging System (10-12-2019)

DASH2|System Mobile Device Charging System Budel, 10/12/2019 CarComm today announced that the DASH2|System Mobile Device Charging platform is ready for delivery and will come available at a select group of distributors and resellers around the globe in the next week.

The CarComm DASH2|System is the solution to charge and mount your smartphone in your vehicle, consisting out of a DASH2|Dock and a device specific DASH2|Cradle.

"DASH2 is an automotive grade system", said Sales Manager Bas Geurts. "The DASH2 which will perfectly blend in your Smartphone into your vehicle's dashboard and make's your life a lot easier when you change to a new Smartphone."

The unique feature of the DASH2|System is that, once installed, it’s compatible with over 300 different Smartphones including Apple, Samsung and many others. Now you’re able to switch Smartphones without installing a completely new cradle system.

For more information about the DASH2|System, visit the following link.