Carcomm opens new office in Germany (27-10-2009)

Carcomm German Office Budel, 27/10/2009 – CarComm BV opened an office in Ratingen, Germany, to offer their German distributors and dealers even better support.

New office
CarComm BV opened an office in Ratingen, Germany. CarComm BV is going to focus more on the German market whit its new office. The new office of CarComm BV supports distributors and dealers in Germany through simple and direct contact with Sales, Technical Support and Customer Service. With the opening of a new office in Germany, CarComm BV has the possibility to respond faster to the needs and wishes of the German customers.

CarComm products are available worldwide. At this point in time CarComm BV is focussing on expanding to the German market.

German website CarComm BV
The new German website of CarComm BV ( is very user-friendly and offers many advantages for German distributors and consumers.

The new German website also offers some new features. The new website has a new product finder, which visitors of the new website can use to find their preferred accessory for their mobile device in just 2 steps. There is also a new classification of product groups, which gives the website a transparent look.

Not only the classification of the product groups has changed, but there’s also more information of each product available. It’s possible to download a manual directly at the relevant product. Also new is the possibility to download a high resolution image of the desired product on the product page.

News about CarComm BV or about the development of new products are clearly stated on the homepage, so that the visitors of the website easily can find the latest introduced products of CarComm BV. The new product line of passive cradles can also entirely be found on the new website of CarComm BV.