Carcomm introduces - The Multi-Basys (19-02-2010)

Multi-Basys Budel, 19/02/2010 – At the beginning of March, the Dutch company CarComm BV introduces a new product line at the CeBIT 2010: Multi-Basys. The Multi-Basys is a universal vehicle charging platform for mobile devices and is available for more than 180 different smartphones, PDA’s and iPhones. At the end of March, the Multi-Basys is worldwide available at all known retailers and distributors.
The Multi-Basys consists of two separately available components, namely the Docking Station and model specific Charging Cradle.

The unique feature of the CarComm Multi-Basys is that, once installed, it’s compatible with almost all mobile devices. Now you’re able to switch devices – without installing a completely new cradle system.

Integrated in the cradle is a high efficient charging circuit, suitable for 12V & 24V, which powers and charges your PDA or Smartphone. The cradle has an integrated antenna coupler, which reduces GSM signal interference and amplifies the GSM signal. The Cradle can be easily
removed from the Docking Station for theft prevention.

Docking Station
The Multi-Basys Docking Station is an universal base plate, in which the Multi-Basys Cradle can be inserted. The Docking Station provides both a power and antenna connector that can be connected to the Car Charging System. The Docking Station can be mounted and installed
on the dashboard.

Charging Cradle
The Multi-Basys Charging Cradle can easily be inserted into the Docking Station. Cradles are available for mobile devices of the brands Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Palm, Apple iPhone and many more other brands. There are more than 180 different Cradle models available.

Carcomm introduces - Passive Cradles (11-03-2009)

Passive Cradles Budel, 11/03/2009 – At the beginning of March, The Dutch company CarComm BV has introduced a new product line of passive cradles at the CeBIT 2009. The passive cradles are available for 158 different mobile phones, PDA’s and navigation systems.
Passive cradles
The passive cradles of CarComm BV is the perfect accessory to use a mobile phone, PDA or navigation system safely in a vehicle. The passive cradle is easy to install and comfortable to use. A mobile phone, PDA or navigation system is easily to slide-in the passive cradle.

The passive cradle can be positioned perfectly in any vehicle to maximize usability of the mobile phone, PDA or navigation system and to reduce reflections on the display. The passive cradle is easily to remove with the click-on/off system, to avoid unwanted attention when you leave the vehicle.

The passive cradle can be placed directly on the dashboard or on mounting solutions like a Safety-Mount or Dashmount using the swivel base. Charging the mobile phone, PDA or navigation system is also possible because there is a opening in the bottom or side of the
passive cradle to connect a charging plug to the mobile phone, PDA or navigation system.

The new passive cradle of CarComm BV is available worldwide. At the end of March the new product line will be available at all well-known retailers and distributors.