EDA Multi-Charger Cabinet

The CarComm Rugged EDA Multi-Charger Cabinet is the perfect solution for large companies and enterprises that need to charge and store a large number of mobile devices.

The cabinets come in different sizes and have a capacity to charge and store up to 210 devices. The ergonomic design of the cabinet allows you to maximize the number of devices stored and charged in a small area. The cabinets can be customized to be used with EDAs, Smartphones, Tablets or a mix of these, you can even insert your own 19” compatible rack mount devices. Such as 3rd party solutions or integrate wireless connectivity, local hotspots or even server systems and telecommunication systems.

Each Cabinet has a locking mechanism which ensures you can securely store and simultaneously charge a large number of devices, this greatly reduces misplaced, lost or damaged devices.

The cabinet has an active cooling system which results in lesser hardware failures and improved battery life. The cabinet has internal power distribution units with surge protection. By using internal power distribution units the cabinet only requires one electrical outlet. The cabinets can be delivered with power cables for EU, UK, US or AUS regions.

Key Features EDA Multi-Charger Cabinet Zebra Symbol TC55
  • Charges up to 210 devices simultaneously
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lower cost of deployment
  • Lockable cabinet, reduces lost, misplaced or damaged devices
  • Mobile devices are securely and correctly stored
  • Device specific cradles ensure securly docked mobile devices guaranteeing the battery is fully charged before use
  • Reduces amount of mobile devices in repair cycle
  • With the integrated cooling, hardware fails less and lasts longer
  • Increases battery life of the mobile device
  • Cabinet cooling aids the reduction of battery refresh frequency
  • Reduction in electrical sockets
  • Possibility to integrate a Wireless connectivity or local “hotspot”
  • OEM / ODM requests are welcome
   EDA Multi-Charger Cabinet Zebra Symbol TC55
Available for
Apple Blackberry Bluebird Pidion CAT HandHeld Honeywell HTC Huawei
Intermec LG Microsoft Motorola Symbol Zebra Nokia PSION
RugGear Samsung Sonim Sony Unitech ZTE    

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