Enterprise Solutions

CarComm develops and manufactures a wide range accessories for Rugged EDA & Handheld Computers  ranging from Desktop Chargers to Multi -Charger Cabinets and Vehicle Cradles for the postage, parcel and retail industries.

Below you can find an overview of the different product categories.

EDA Multi-Charger Cabinet

The CarComm Rugged EDA Multi-Charger Cabinet is the perfect solution for large companies and enterprises that need to charge and store a large number of mobile devices. The cabinets are available in different sizes and have a capacity to charge and store upto 210 devices. More information.
EDA Multi-Charger Cabinet

Rugged EDA Quad-Slot Cradles

The CarComm Quad-Slot Rugged EDA Charging Cradle will help you keep your mobile devices charged and ready to go. The cradle can charge upto 4 handhelds at the same time, ideal for smaller and mid-size companies.

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Rugged EDA Quad-Slot Cradles

Rugged EDA Desktop Cradles

Start off your day with a charged mobile device. The CarComm Rugged EDA Desktop Cradle is the solution to charge your mobile device on your desk or workspace.

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Rugged EDA Desktop Cradle

Rugged EDA Vehicle Cradles

Integrating your mobile device into a car, van or truck has never been easier. With a CarComm Rugged EDA Vehicle Cradle the device is powered and securly kept in place during your workingday. 

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Rugged EDA Vehicle Cradles